My belief in the  handwritten note probably started in junior high when I’d carry a notebook full of notes folded into teenage origami and passed out between classes. It was further instilled in daily letters to my husband when he was deployed to the other side of the world as a Marine. I wrote stacks of notes weekly as a teacher and as a leader in the party plan industry, and I have boxes full of ones I’ve received over the years.

My storytelling style took shape from years of writing the family Christmas letter which my friends tell me is their favorite letter even though it often didn’t get mailed until Groundhog’s Day. “Celebrate every day” became the tag line for My Heart Beats because life is about the ordinary moments.

Inspiration for the stories come from my life, girlfriend gatherings and accidental eavesdropping on strangers’ conversations. As you read the stories, you’ll think of specific friends. Send them the cards.

Celebrate every day - Kelly