Thank you notes to your hostess are the most important thank you notes a direct seller can send.

All thank you notes are important, but if I have to rank the notes you write, the ones to hostesses are the most important. I believe they are an essential tool for a successful direct sales business. Here are six reasons why you should always write a thank you note to your hostess.

1. It's hard to host a party.
A hostess risks rejection. You are trained to handle "no," but she isn't. She just wants to have a fun time and get some free stuff. She's going to go to the path of least resistance and invite the people she thinks will come, and it's hard when even they say "no." Write her a note regardless of how many people come.

2. It's time consuming to host a party.
You might be in and out of the party in an hour or so, but she isn't. You probably told her to personally invite people. That takes time. You probably told her to send reminders, and that takes time. If it's an in-person event, she had to clean her house, stuff her kids in a closet, make food, worry about being judged for what she served and clean up after she kicks out the guest who doesn't know when to leave. Send her a note to thank her for her time.

3. She unwillingly becomes a middleman.
I know you're not expecting her to do your job, and you probably prefer to do it yourself, but she is going to have friends who want to use her as a middleman. Maybe they couldn't come to the party, but they are curious about the product. Maybe they aren't on Facebook, but still want to see a catalog. Despite your best coaching, there are going to be customers who put her in the middle. Thank her for her service.

4. She is your partner for the event.
Some people aren't going to come to the event, but they still might order. You don't have access to them. If you want their orders, she is going to have to touch base with them. She might have to drop off a catalog, take the order over the phone and then get it to you, etc. Send her a note to thank her for her partnership.

4. She gave you access to her friends.
She is the gateway to a whole new group of customers, hostesses and recruits. She trusts you and likes your product enough to introduce her friends to you and to it. Your business is only going to grow if you get new customers. A handwritten note is the least you can do to thank her for the potential for growth.

5. She'll assume the right things about you.
Your hostess is at the top of your list for potential recruits and for future parties. She chose to host a party with you, but it doesn't mean that she is going to choose you again. If you end the party experience with a thank you note, it leaves a lasting impression. When she wants to host one again, you'll be top-of-mind. And if she decides to become a consultant, it will be reasonable for her to assume that you will be a caring, appreciative and supportive upline. Send her a note because you want to fulfill her expectations.

6. It's excellent customer service.
You can't control your hostess, the guests or the party results, but you can control your customer service. And if you have control over it, why wouldn't you want it to be excellent? Send her a note because you are known for your excellent customer service.

Check out this blog post for examples of what to say in your thank you notes to hostesses.

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