Why the right shoes matter for your success. The ladder of success is best climbed in cute shoes.

Like it or not, how you present yourself matters, and first impressions are based on appearance. If you look polished and put-together, people will have the expectation that you are polished and put-together. If you look messy, people will assume that you are a mess.

Put some time into your appearance so that you look like what you aspire to be. But don't just do it to make a good first impression. Do it for yourself. Impress yourself. How you look affects how you feel. How you feel influences how you act. Your actions have an impact on your success.

Let's talk about shoes. The good news about shoes is that size is totally out of your control (so size doesn't matter) and you can find something cute in every price range. It is just as acceptable to wear a different pair everyday as it is to wear the same pair for a month. 

Some shoes will make you taller. Some will allow you to walk faster, and some will make you feel more confident. If they fit well, you might not even think about what's on your feet all day. If they don't, it might consume your thoughts. You can plan your outfit around your shoes or find the perfect pair to finish off your look.

Many shoes are designed with performance in mind. Cleats allow a soccer player to maneuver with great agility without falling. Clogs provide comfort and support to chefs who spend most of their days standing. Fins help scuba divers swim faster and farther than they could without them. 

When you look at the ladder you want to climb, what are the best shoes to help you go from rung to rung? Pick a pair that matches what you aspire to be when you get to the top. Shoes don't have prerequisites. You don't have to earn a style. Dress-up. Dress-up a rung or two. Find a shoe that is going to allow you to literally put your best foot forward.

She needed something sturdy and comfortable but also fabulous and stylish. At last she found the perfect pair for the job. She slid into them, stepped up on the first rung and started confidently on her way, knowing that the ladder of success is best climbed in cute shoes. (The back of Cute Shoes from the She is . . . Collection.)

Celebrate every day,

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