She shines brightest when she surrounds herself with sparkly friends. Why solopreneurs need a tribe, squad, posse or group

Just because you are a solopreneur doesn't mean you have to run your business by yourself. You can surround yourself with people who are going to challenge you and cheer for you.

If you do it on your own, you can learn the mechanics of what you need to know from the internet. You can motivate yourself, stay focused on your goal and work until it is accomplished. Then you can celebrate by yourself. Sounds unfun.

But if you create a tribe, a squad, a posse or just a group, I bet you will not only have a better chance of reaching your goal, but the whole process will be more fun and you'll probably get some unexpected benefits.

When you're forming your tribe, squad, posse or group, be selective. When you spend a significant enough time with them (the amount of time a big goal requires), you become like them. You will bring out similar qualities in each other.

Smart people will challenge you and unleash your creative problem-solving skills. Positive people will inspire hope and possibilities when you need encouragement. People with perseverance will motivate you and prevent you from quitting. And people who are negative will try to keep you stagnant. 

Everyone in your tribe, squad, posse or group can work on her own goals. You don't have to have a shared project. One person’s success isn’t dependent on someone else’s. But something magic happens when you mesh your energy. 

Check in with each other. Bring your problems to the group for their input. Cheer each other on along the way, and celebrate together.

You can shine on your own, but you’ll shine brightest when you surround yourself with sparkly friends.

Wearing a sequined top gets her noticed. If she and a few friends are decked out in glitter, they become a traffic hazard, blinding motorists with their brilliance. When a gaggle of them cover themselves in bling, they can be spotted from the space station. She shines brightest when she surrounds herself with sparkly friends. (The story on the back of Shine Bright from the She is . . . Collection).

Celebrate every day,

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