What a Thank You Note Can Do for Your Direct Sales Business.

The thank you note is the most important note you'll write in your direct sales business, and it is the easiest way to make note-writing a business-building habit. The thank you note can become the gateway to all kinds of notes which will make you stand-out, be remembered and be respected. It is a business tool that can't be overused.

Here are 5 things the thank you note will do for your business.

1. Cause you to feel gratitude.
The simple act of writing a note makes you pause, reflect and give thanks. You're grateful for the person to whom you're sending the note, and you're thankful for the reason why you're sending the note.

2. Make the recipient think about you.
When the recipient reads the note, she will think about you. And because thank you notes have good energy, she'll think positively about you.

3. Measure business growth.
The more your business grows, the more reasons you have to send thank you notes. Getting referrals, receiving sales, making connections and participating in opportunities to share your products and services are all business-building activities. If you set a goal for the number of thank you notes you'll need to send, you'll create more reasons to send notes.

4. They make you stand-out.
There is competition in the direct-selling world. Customers can get the exact same product from lots of other consultants, and they can get similar products from lots of other companies. Replicated websites and packages shipped from warehouses look identical. A handwritten thank you note makes you stand out from everyone.

5. They make you look professional and service-oriented.
When you buy a house, the real estate agent will send you a thank you note. When you make a purchase at a high-end boutique, you'll receive a thank you note from the sales girl. But what criteria determines when a note should be written? Is it the price? The length of the buying process? The amount of personal attention required to get the sale? Why should there be any criteria? What if everyone got a thank you note? What if you made every customer feel valued and appreciated for every purchase?

The thank you note is a time-tested, proven business-building tool that good sales people use. Their connections with their customers are stronger, and stronger connections lead to repeat sales and referrals. In some sales transactions, the thank you note is expected. But there is no rule that says it can't be used for all sales transactions. 

Celebrate every day,

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