Valentine and Galentine boxed set of cards

Remember Valentine celebrations back in elementary school? We covered shoe boxes with construction paper and turn them into mailboxes. A snow day before Valentine's Day was spent sorting through the set of cards we got so that our favorite people would get the cutest ones. If we were really ambitious, we made our own Valentines.

You can relive those days in a more grown-up way with our Box of Love. It has  two different designs of both Valentine and Galentine cards. You get two of each design for a total of eight cards. Which isn't as many as you got in your elementary set, but now you don't have to send one to every classmate. So eight is probably enough.

Each card is blank inside and has a design on the front and a definition of the holiday on the back. They are 4.25" x 5.5" and come with envelopes so that you can mail them to your loves all over the world.

It comes in a handy dandy folder that you can use to store them for next year if you're super selective about your love list. And you'll get a chart to keep track of which cards you sent to each Valentine so that you don't accidentally send anyone the same card in 2020.

The designs are casual enough to send to your best girlfriends, teammates and new relationships, and sophisticated enough to send to the love of your life. They are blank inside and ready for your special sentiment. And at just $2.50/card, they are a bargain.

If you're a leader on a direct sales team, you can send them to your aspiring leaders, superstars, goal crushers, emerging business developers, peers and uplines. Moms can send them to their kids.

They are an excellent way to reconnect with old classmates. You know, the people you made sure got the cutest cards from the Strawberry Shortcake Pack. Who knows, you might even rekindle a best friendship.

Use the Galentine cards for your girlfriends and daughters. Use the Valentine cards for all the men on your list and for the ladies who are more traditional.

Celebrate every day,

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