Valentine and Galentine Cards

My Heart Beats just released new Valentine and Galentine cards for you to celebrate the big day with the love of your life, best girlfriends, daughters and teammates. The designs are casual enough to use for a new relationship and sophisticated enough for your 50th Valentine's Day.

We took two of the most popular designs from the Happy Mail Collection and transformed them into Valentines and Galentines cards. The Galentine and Valentine watercolor design is a splash of color with hand-lettering in white. The Galentine and Valentine calligraphy design is a swirly ombre of the classic Valentine colors. The back of each card is a definition of the holiday. 

Valentine's Day - a day to celebrate love of all degrees from slight inkling of affection to deep devotion to incredible passion.

Galentine's Day - a day set aside to celebrate everything about our girlfriends. Best done as a get-together over brunch, but any acknowledgement of your besties' fabulousness is acceptable.

We also added a new card that can be used for either celebration or anytime throughout the year. Hugs & Kisses which is part of the Ampersand Collection. It is done in pink watercolor with Xs and Os filling in the ampersand. It joins Heart & Soul which is perfect for Valentine's Day and for weddings and anniversaries.

And finally, we have our first Valentine card called Sparkle Valentine. We did this one before Galentine's Day was a thing, but it embodies everything about this new holiday. Like all the cards, it is blank inside and has a story on the back. The story was inspired by some of my favorite memories of elementary school. Maybe you can relate:

Tucked away in the attic, she found her Valentine box from 3rd grade. That was the year she went all out on the handmade cards she gave to her classmates. The rule was that every student had to be included, even the ones she didn't think worthy of her precious works of art. But the rule worked in her favor because by the time she finished making all 26 cards, she had perfected her glitter-sprinkling and sequin-gluing which enabled her to present the most special cards to her favorite friends - the ones she would have given Valentines to anyway. And now, decades later, although she no longer made dozens of cards that would be stuffed into paper-covered shoe boxes, she loved that she had friends special enough for sparkly Valentines.

Celebrate every day,

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