How to Write the Perfect Thank You Note to Every Kind of Hostess

Every hostess should get a handwritten thank you note from you (see this blog post if you're not a believer). Writing thank you notes to your dream hostesses is easy, but what about the ones who didn't do anything you suggested, had terrible attendance and/or had low sales? Yep, they should still get a note.

Here is a basic outline for sending a 3-sentence note to a hostess:

  1. Reason for the note.
  2. Something about the party.
  3. Something complimentary about the hostess.

Notice there is not a sentence about buying anything, joining your team, referring anyone to you or hosting again. This is just a thank you note. You can send her a second note or have a follow-up conversation with her about any of those other topics. Thank you notes, like apologies, should stand alone.

Ideal Hostess

Thank you for hosting a party. I had a wonderful time and enjoyed meeting your friends. You made everyone feel at home, and your chocolate cake was to die for.

You're going to be tempted to add more to the ideal hostess' note because you'll want her to book again or possibly join your team, but don't. Send her another note or invite her to coffee or an opportunity meeting.

Virtual Hostess

Thank you for hosting a party. Your friends were so fun, and I love how everyone jumped in and posted. It's such a pleasure to work with someone as organized and excited as you.

The thank you note might be the only tangible connection you have with the virtual hostess. It's easy to loose someone on the internet. A handwritten note means even more when there is no face-to-face connection.

Hostess with Low Attendance

Thank you for hosting a party. I enjoyed getting to know you better and spend time with your friends. I appreciate the opportunity to give personal service and go into detail about the products. 

Serve whoever comes to the party. If there is low attendance, be thankful that there is even a party. You have the opportunity to dive deeper into the products and offer very personal service. Your per person sales might be higher in these cases. The hostess might be embarrassed at the turnout, but if you make her feel okay about it, she is more likely to host again than if she thinks you're upset with her.

Hostess with Low Sales

Thank you for hosting a party. I hope you and your friends had a good time. I look forward to the opportunity to answer their questions when I follow up with them.

If sales are low, it could be that the hostess told everyone to just come and not buy anything. Or maybe the guests are thinkers, and they need time to absorb the information and decide what to buy. Or you might have had an off night. But whether the reason, you had an opportunity to practice, and you should be thankful for that.

Hostess Who Was a Disaster

Thank you for hosting a party. I appreciate the opportunity to share the products, and I hope you had a good time.

You might want to really say "thanks for the story to tell my downline," and you can say that to yourself. Some people aren't coachable. Some people are just pains. If you haven't had a disaster hostess, you haven't done enough parties. Thank her and move on.

Celebrate every day,

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