The Perfect Sentiment in a Valentine's Card for Everyone from a First Date to a Spouse

My Heart Beats Valentine and Galentine cards save you time and money. When you buy a Valentine card at the store, it usually has a sentiment in the inside. You might have to read racks of cards to find the one that expresses the message you want to convey in a tone that matches the relationship you have with the recipient. But when you send a My Heart Beats card, you just have to pick the design, and you get to write the perfect sentiment in the card. 

So what do you write in a Valentine card? I'm a big believer in the 3-sentence note because it works for just about every card-writing occasion.

Here is an outline you can adapt for all of your Valentines.

Sentence 1: Reason for the note.
Sentence 2: Something personal about the recipient.
Sentence 3: Something about your relationship.

Here are examples of what it looks like in action:

To your spouse:
Happy Valentine's Day. I love everything about you, but I especially love your sense of humor, your kindness and your mad handyman skills. Every year I feel closer to you, and I look forward to many more Valentine celebrations with you.

Sign it however you want. 

To a partner in a semi-serious relationship that you haven't used the L-word with:
So . . . I was wondering, if you'd be my Valentine. You are fearless and fun, and sometimes a little bit crazy, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I can't wait for our next adventure.

Alternative signature options if you're still not ready to use the L-word include: XOXO (or just one XO), Your Valentine, Fondly, SWAK. 

For a new relationship:
Happy Valentine's Day! I'm so glad that Susie introduced us because it's been really fun hanging out with you. Cheers to more fun to come.

Signature options are and of the above or just your first initial. It's intimate and mysterious.

You can make the card light and airy or deep and serious. You don't have to leave it at 3-sentences. You can certainly go into more detail on the person's personality or your relationship. I probably wouldn't do much more in the the 3rd example if you want the relationship to progress.

Top 3 - 10 List
Or you can abandon the 3-sentence structure and do a top 3-10 list of why you want the person to be your Valentine. If you make it humorous, you can slip in some mushy stuff without making it weird. That might look like this:

Top 5 Reasons I Want You To Be My Valentine:
1. You make me laugh until I pee (this is also doubling as a true confession card).
2. You know some of my deepest secrets and still want to hang out with me.
3. You drive a cool car, and there is no one else I'd want to spend hours with in a confined space.
4. You like, or at least will eat, my cooking.
5. You bring out the best in me.

Whatever you write, remember that it will be read over and over again. No pressure. Contact me if you need help.

Celebrate every day,

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