The Handwritten Note: More Bang for Your Buck

All of my digital inboxes have a ton of messages in them. Sometimes I go through and delete them, and sometimes I reread them. But it doesn't take long for the messages to get buried and forgotten.

Digital messages make it easy to search for a keyword if I want to go back and reference them. I search town names to find the confirmation emails of reservations I've made. I type "roster" to get the most updated list of the women's club I'm in. I use a main ingredient when I'm looking for recipes.

But the keywords aren't always obvious. If someone sends you a message of encouragement, she doesn't always put the word "encouragement" in the message. So what do you search for if you want to reread it? Her name? That works, but if she's sending you messages of encouragement, she's probably sending you a lot of messages, and you'll have to weed through business stuff, invitations, coupons, etc. before you find the one you're looking for. 

So picture this . . . someone is having a terrible day. She had a setback in her job, the ice cream cone she bought to make her feel better dripped on her new white top, her phone updated and isn't working properly, and her side hustle isn't going as she planned. She might plop in front of her laptop and scroll through social media (because that's a self-esteem booster - not!), sift through emails (most of which she doesn't remember signing up for) and eventually, if she sticks with it, come across something from you that says you believe in her. She can read your typed words of encouragement on a back-lit screen, and it will probably make her feel better.

Or she could open up a drawer or look at her bulletin board and have messages of hope right in front of her because she's like most people and saves cards and letters. She can hold the cute card (probably a My Heart Beats card because they are the cutest) and read your handwritten words. They may be the exact words that you used in an email or a text, but they are so much more powerful in a handwritten note.

Word for word, the handwritten note is more bang for your buck.

Celebrate every day,

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