How to Write Thank You Notes to Every Party Guest in Your Direct Sales Business

How to Write Thank You Notes to Every Party Guest in Your Direct Sales Business

Fortune is in the follow-up, and the easiest follow-up after a party is a thank you note. If you are a direct seller, send a hand-written thank you note to every guest at a party. It is a welcome gesture and promotes a stronger connection. It isn't unexpected, but it is usually a surprise because the recipient probably doesn't receive very many. 

Here is a simple outline for writing a 3-sentence thank you note to a party guest:

  1. Reason for the note.
  2. Something about the party.
  3. Something personal about the recipient.

Here is what the outline looks like in action.

Party Guest Who Ordered

Thank you for coming to Mary's party and for your order. The necklace looked gorgeous on you, it will be the perfect complement to your summer wardrobe.

Party Guest Who Didn't Order

Thank you for attending Mary's party. I enjoyed meeting you, and I hope you had a good time. I look forward to serving you soon.
Best Wishes,

Online Order

Thank you for your order. I appreciate and value your loyalty and know that you're going to love that scent. Please let me know if you have any questions about your candles.
With Gratitude,

Virtual Party Guest Who Didn't Order

Thank you for joining Mary's Facebook party. I hope you had fun learning about the benefits of essential oils. Please contact me if you have any questions and join us in the Facebook group.

Guest at an Opportunity Meeting 

Thank you for coming to our information event. I hope you had a good time and learned more about the business side of (company's name). Your attention to detail will make you a perfect fit for our team, and I'd love to help you get started filling up your vacation fund (or whatever her reason is for considering joining).
Cheering for you,

Three sentences is all you need to express a warm and sincere, no-strings thank you.

Celebrate every day,

January 10, 2019 by Bold Apps
How to Write the Perfect Thank You Note to Every Kind of Hostess

How to Write the Perfect Thank You Note to Every Kind of Hostess

Every hostess should get a handwritten thank you note from you (see this blog post if you're not a believer). Writing thank you notes to your dream hostesses is easy, but what about the ones who didn't do anything you suggested, had terrible attendance and/or had low sales? Yep, they should still get a note.

Here is a basic outline for sending a 3-sentence note to a hostess:

  1. Reason for the note.
  2. Something about the party.
  3. Something complimentary about the hostess.

Notice there is not a sentence about buying anything, joining your team, referring anyone to you or hosting again. This is just a thank you note. You can send her a second note or have a follow-up conversation with her about any of those other topics. Thank you notes, like apologies, should stand alone.

Ideal Hostess

Thank you for hosting a party. I had a wonderful time and enjoyed meeting your friends. You made everyone feel at home, and your chocolate cake was to die for.

You're going to be tempted to add more to the ideal hostess' note because you'll want her to book again or possibly join your team, but don't. Send her another note or invite her to coffee or an opportunity meeting.

Virtual Hostess

Thank you for hosting a party. Your friends were so fun, and I love how everyone jumped in and posted. It's such a pleasure to work with someone as organized and excited as you.

The thank you note might be the only tangible connection you have with the virtual hostess. It's easy to loose someone on the internet. A handwritten note means even more when there is no face-to-face connection.

Hostess with Low Attendance

Thank you for hosting a party. I enjoyed getting to know you better and spend time with your friends. I appreciate the opportunity to give personal service and go into detail about the products. 

Serve whoever comes to the party. If there is low attendance, be thankful that there is even a party. You have the opportunity to dive deeper into the products and offer very personal service. Your per person sales might be higher in these cases. The hostess might be embarrassed at the turnout, but if you make her feel okay about it, she is more likely to host again than if she thinks you're upset with her.

Hostess with Low Sales

Thank you for hosting a party. I hope you and your friends had a good time. I look forward to the opportunity to answer their questions when I follow up with them.

If sales are low, it could be that the hostess told everyone to just come and not buy anything. Or maybe the guests are thinkers, and they need time to absorb the information and decide what to buy. Or you might have had an off night. But whether the reason, you had an opportunity to practice, and you should be thankful for that.

Hostess Who Was a Disaster

Thank you for hosting a party. I appreciate the opportunity to share the products, and I hope you had a good time.

You might want to really say "thanks for the story to tell my downline," and you can say that to yourself. Some people aren't coachable. Some people are just pains. If you haven't had a disaster hostess, you haven't done enough parties. Thank her and move on.

Celebrate every day,

January 04, 2019 by Kelly Northcott
Thank you notes to your hostess are the most important thank you notes a direct seller can send.

Why You Should Write a Thank You Note to Your Hostess

All thank you notes are important, but if I have to rank the notes you write, the ones to hostesses are the most important. I believe they are an essential tool for a successful direct sales business. Here are six reasons why you should always write a thank you note to your hostess.

1. It's hard to host a party.
A hostess risks rejection. You are trained to handle "no," but she isn't. She just wants to have a fun time and get some free stuff. She's going to go to the path of least resistance and invite the people she thinks will come, and it's hard when even they say "no." Write her a note regardless of how many people come.

2. It's time consuming to host a party.
You might be in and out of the party in an hour or so, but she isn't. You probably told her to personally invite people. That takes time. You probably told her to send reminders, and that takes time. If it's an in-person event, she had to clean her house, stuff her kids in a closet, make food, worry about being judged for what she served and clean up after she kicks out the guest who doesn't know when to leave. Send her a note to thank her for her time.

3. She unwillingly becomes a middleman.
I know you're not expecting her to do your job, and you probably prefer to do it yourself, but she is going to have friends who want to use her as a middleman. Maybe they couldn't come to the party, but they are curious about the product. Maybe they aren't on Facebook, but still want to see a catalog. Despite your best coaching, there are going to be customers who put her in the middle. Thank her for her service.

4. She is your partner for the event.
Some people aren't going to come to the event, but they still might order. You don't have access to them. If you want their orders, she is going to have to touch base with them. She might have to drop off a catalog, take the order over the phone and then get it to you, etc. Send her a note to thank her for her partnership.

4. She gave you access to her friends.
She is the gateway to a whole new group of customers, hostesses and recruits. She trusts you and likes your product enough to introduce her friends to you and to it. Your business is only going to grow if you get new customers. A handwritten note is the least you can do to thank her for the potential for growth.

5. She'll assume the right things about you.
Your hostess is at the top of your list for potential recruits and for future parties. She chose to host a party with you, but it doesn't mean that she is going to choose you again. If you end the party experience with a thank you note, it leaves a lasting impression. When she wants to host one again, you'll be top-of-mind. And if she decides to become a consultant, it will be reasonable for her to assume that you will be a caring, appreciative and supportive upline. Send her a note because you want to fulfill her expectations.

6. It's excellent customer service.
You can't control your hostess, the guests or the party results, but you can control your customer service. And if you have control over it, why wouldn't you want it to be excellent? Send her a note because you are known for your excellent customer service.

Check out this blog post for examples of what to say in your thank you notes to hostesses.

Celebrate every day,

January 04, 2019 by Kelly Northcott
Write a thank you note to your business to help you goal set.

Send a Thank You Letter to Your Business

Before you start goal setting, you should begin with making a list of what you're grateful for in your business because everything starts with gratitude. And when you do this, you'll find that it is easier to set goals that you want to stick with. Here are some examples of things to get you started.


  • Your team and employees. You might not have an official staff or team, but you have people who have helped you like the kid who showed you tricks on social media. 
  • Your customers because without them you'd just have a hobby.
  • Your cheerleaders who keep you going when you feel like quitting.
  • Your upline/mentors/coaches who give you how-tos.


  • Money. Even if you didn't make as much as you wanted to, be grateful for the money you did make.
  • Knowledge. You learned a lot last year. Some of it was through mistakes and some of it was through classes and workshops. But in any case, your business is that much farther along because of it.
  • Connections. You've met people because of your business. You might not have met these people any other way.


  • Celebrations. Hopefully you've been celebrating the successes along the way. Cheers to a sale! A special treat for reaching a goal. A dance party for doing something scary and living to tell about it.
  • Expanding your comfort zone. You did some things for the first time, and because of that, your comfort zone is a little bit bigger.
  • Processes and Systems. You are much more efficient now.

Once you have your list, write your business a thank you letter for 2018. Thank it for the growth, the support the experiences, etc. You wouldn't have had any of those things without your business.

And then, and this is powerful, write a thank you letter to your business for 2019. Write it as if it is the end of 2019. Thank it for everything it has done for you. Be as specific as possible. Dream big. Partner with your business. Let it work for you.

Here is an example of what you can write:

Dear __________,

Thank you for our most successful year yet! Thank you for reaching our goal of earning $____ this year. And thank you for allowing me to travel to ___________ and experience ____________. 

I also want to thank you for introducing me to the following people. ___________ And for enabling me to learn how to __________________. 

Thank you for all the success and milestones such as _______________________. It has been a fantastic year, and I look forward to continuing to grow with you next year.

Celebrate every day,

January 02, 2019 by Kelly Northcott
Thank you notes to people who helped you with your business.

How to Thank People Who Helped Your Business

Being grateful is important. Everything starts with gratitude. I've read from several sources that if you practice gratitude daily, you become measurably happier. You can do this by simply recording five things that you're grateful for every day. 

You can do this in a gratitude journal or in your planner. My family has a text thread that we use so that we can share it with each other.

If people are on your gratitude list, you can take it a step further and let them know by sending them a note. Make a list of everyone who helped you with your business last year. The list could include:

  • hostesses
  • good customers
  • customers who referred people to you
  • team members
  • peers (sidelines, pacing partners, small group challenge members)
  • mentors, trainers and uplines
  • people outside the industry with whom you networked
  • anyone who went out of her way for you
  • everyone who cheers you on

Write the note without expecting anything in return. When you thank your hostesses, don't ask them to host again. When you thank your team members, don't ask them to do more than they did or even repeat what they did. The notes aren't about the future, and they aren't about you. They are simply expressing gratitude.

A simple 3-sentence thank you note is perfect:

  1. Reason for the note
  2. Something about the gift/act/reason
  3. Something complimentary about the person

Here are some examples of what this looks like:

To the hostess:

Thank you for hosting a party in 2018. I appreciate your introducing me to your friends so that they could learn about ________. You are so organized and made it super easy for me to do my job.

To customers:

Thank you for supporting me and my business in 2018. I love how enthusiastic you are about __________ and that you are such an avid user of it. Serving you has been a joy.

To team members:

Thank you for being a part of our team. I love how you stepped out of your comfort zone and your willing spirit. You make being a leader easy.

To mentors:

Thank you for all the help you gave me last year. I appreciate your sharing your wisdom with me, and my business is better because of it. You inspire me to dream bigger.

Make a list of the people who helped your business, and then prioritize the list. Start at the top and work your way down. Do a little here and there when you're waiting in the carpool line or at the doctor's office. Write one or two notes first thing in the morning to get your day started with a wonderful tone. Or block out a couple of chunks of time and write until your run out of time.

Imagine how the recipients will feel when they get a note for just being them. And although the notes aren't about you, I bet you'll love your business a little bit more after each one.

And if you need help, contact me. 

Celebrate every day,

January 02, 2019 by Kelly Northcott
She is a rock star. How do you know who is a rock star on your direct sales team?

How Do You Know Who is a Rock Star on Your Direct Sales Team?

Who doesn't want to be a Rock Star? Even if you don't want to be one in the literal sense, I bet you wouldn't be offended if someone called you one. Rock Star. The words even sound strong, bold and commanding.

No one can self-declare the title Rock Star. The title, literal or figurative, is earned. Doctors earn their titles by taking a lot of classes, but there isn't a course series for rock stars. Queens are born or married into their titles, but spouses of rock stars still have to earn theirs in their own right.

Rock Stars act like rock stars before they become rock stars. They work hard at being proficient in their craft. They push the boundaries of their field by learning and taking chances. They lead others and mentor and teach. They are confident and give themselves the gift of taking chances. They have great passion for what they do.

Who are the Rock Stars on your team? Who is showing up to learn? Who is working boldly towards goals and taking chances while she is learning? Who is mentoring others? Who has a passion for the product, the mission and/or the opportunity?

You get to pronounce these teammates Rock Stars. You don't have to have a special ceremony to do it. You just have to recognize what they've grown into. "Hey Rock Star!" is how you can answer the phone the next time one calls. "You got this Rock Star" is how you can send her off on to her next challenge.

And of course, you can send her this card. In it write something like this:

You are a rock star! You've taken chances, accepted challenges and grown. I love seeing you shine in the spotlight!
Cheering for you

Let her know that she is a rock star.

Although she looks fabulous in a crown, being a queen doesn't quite suit her. It's hard to believe that goddesses have a much fun as she does. She works too hard to be considered a diva. That leaves only one title worthy of her passion and boldness. She is a rock star. (The back of Rock Star from the She is Collection.)

Celebrate every day,

December 20, 2018 by Kelly Northcott
She did it. How to celebrate goals.

How to Celebrate Goals

Set your goal. Plan. Redesign your plan. Overcome obstacles. Figure it out. Do it. Celebrate.

Every goal is accomplished the same way. Every goal will have obstacles and setbacks. Every plan will need to be adjusted. Every achieved goal needs to be celebrated. I think people skip the celebration too often, and I wonder if the celebration was planned when the goal was set, if more goals would be achieved.

The celebration doesn't need to be a big grandiose thing. Getting caught up on your laundry doesn't mean you have to throw yourself a party, but now that your clothes aren't all over the floor, there might be room for dancing. So your celebration might be a quick dance party or it might be getting to wear your favorite shirt again.

You can, and you should, plan your own celebration. When you plan the reward at the end of the goal, it gives you something to reach for when you have to regroup. The celebration puts punctuation on the goal. You can move on to the next one with more confidence and with a better formula for what works.

You can, and you should, celebrate someone else's achievements. The celebration level can match the size of the goal. Say "woo hoo" for someone's empty laundry bin. Write "woo hoo" in a handwritten note for a promotion or anniversary. Clink glasses for a milestone achievement.

Celebrate in layers. Start with the spoken word, and then add the written word for a bigger goal. Add a gift or an event for the next goal level. And never underestimate the power of cake.

When I was a leader. we used to have cake for every promotion at our team meetings.The person promoting got to pick the flavor and take home the leftovers. The more often we did it, the less leftovers there were because some people came because they knew there would be cake. I didn't care if that's why they came. I was going to feed them with training while they were there.

The story on the back of Did It from the She is . . . Collection

She set her goal, mapped out her strategy and planned a victory celebration which may or may not include cake. At first, everything was going so smoothly she was afraid she might reach her goal before she made a decision about cake. But eventually the setbacks came, and after working through them, cake was a definite. In fact, sometimes the only reason she didn't quit was because cake was at stake. When the day finally came that she reached her goal, she celebrated with a cake that said "she did it." 

Celebrate every day,

How Do You Know Which Party Guests Get a Thank You Note?

How Do You Know Which Party Guests Get a Thank You Note?

Q: How do you know which party guests get a thank you?
A: The ones who are breathing.

It seems obvious that consultants in direct sales should send a thank you note to the party guests who purchase at the party. Of course they deserve a few heartfelt sentences of appreciation. They just gave you money.

But what about the ones who didn't buy? What did they do to deserve your written thanks? Well, they gave up something to attend. Maybe it was their favorite TV show or maybe it was a chore that is going to be neglected (because heaven knows that no one else is going to see the dishes piled in the sink). 

Maybe she didn't buy because she is an investigator. She gathered all the information you provided, and she plans to research the product, the company and the consultant (that's you in this scenario). But first she has to tackle the mountain of dishes that grew while she was at your party. And then life happens, she forgets about the party, the party closes and she never gets the things on her wish list.

But if you send everyone who is breathing a note, it will serve as a reminder. She'll get it a few days after the party occurred, she'll read it over an empty sink and have time to place her order before the party closes. She'll get her treasures, the hostess will get her goodies and you'll get new customers, sales and maybe even a free trip.

You can collect mailing addresses at a physical party by giving everyone an order form and asking them to fill out the top. They can use the order form as a wish list. You collect the part you usually do so that you have their addresses and so that you can let them know if anything on their wish list is on sale or retiring. You can also print out drawing slips. Have everyone complete the slip, and draw for something fun at the end of the party. If you're doing an online event, you can set up a Google form and have everyone complete that for a drawing. 

The day after the party, write out your thank you notes for purchasing and for attending. Let them know you were happy to meet them and that you'd love to serve them. You will make an impact on them because while it seems obvious that a consultant should write a thank you note to everyone who purchased, many (if not most) do not.

Celebrate every day,

August 18, 2018 by Kelly Northcott
Let the Cards do the Talking

Let the Cards do the Talking

When I sent cards to my team and customers, they typically just had an image (usually stars) and/or a simple message (thanks, congrats) on the front. There was no story on the back. So everything that I wanted to convey to the recipient had to come from me.

This was easy when I was saying thank you, happy anniversary, hello, happy birthday and congratulations. Basically all the things the Happy Mail Collection covers. But it got a little more complicated when I was writing a note to someone who had just done something brave or needed a push to do something brave. Sometimes there wasn't enough room to say everything I wanted to say. 

One of the great things about My Heart Beats cards is that the sender doesn't have to come up with the whole message by herself. She can let the story on the back, the words on the front and the heartbeat speak. Her heart can be poured into the card without feeling weird or sappy or fake. She can nudge someone without feeling pushy.

For example, sometimes you  see something in someone that she doesn't see in herself. You know she can do it. She just has to try. Maybe you don't have the relationship with her to say those words. But if you sent her a card and let the card say those words, you can simply write, "I'm here to help you with whatever you need."

And there are times when someone would benefit from being redirected. She's in a negative loop or headed down the wrong path or just needs a shove. The What if . . . Collection is perfect for this. This collection is all about introducing someone to the possibility of what if? They are conversation starters.

And it's okay if the story doesn't fit the situation exactly. Most of the stories are hyperboles so that they don't fit exactly. Use them as illustrations.

Celebrate every day,

August 01, 2018 by Kelly Northcott
Connect. Encourage. Celebrate.

Connect. Encourage. Celebrate.

My Heart Beat's first tagline was celebrate every day because the original cards were about every day moments. The little snippets of time that make up our memories. The things that are often overlooked as celebration-worthy.

I've found from my own experiences and from listening to others, that people save handwritten notes. They tuck them into drawers, tack them on bulletin boards, pile them on their desk and file them in boxes. Sometimes they seek them out when they are feeling nostalgic or sad, and sometimes they just stumble onto them.

People save emails and texts too, but the seeking and/or stumbling isn't as satisfying. Maybe the difference is that you can hold a card or that the handwriting is unique to the sender. Maybe a truer emotion comes through when the note is handwritten. I would much rather go through a shoebox than an inbox when I'm searching for hope. And I would certainly rather look at a bulletin board full of pretty cards and paper than one full of printed emails that look like office memos.

Social media messages and posts are automatically saved. When you write on someone's profile, you can make it so that the whole world can see it. Woo hoo! I knew you could do it. I'm so proud of you. Even if you claim not to like public recognition, you probably still appreciate a social media shout-out. No one can see you blush when you read it. But have you ever scrolled through your profile looking for a post from three months ago? Three years ago? Ugh, it takes so long that most of its power is gone by the time you get to it. When you sift through a shoebox of love, the whole journey is a delight.

Almost all forms of written communication are more efficient than a handwritten note. But I believe that the handwritten note is the most effective way to connect, encourage and celebrate. There is an unexplainable magic about it. 

So My Heart Beats new tagline is 
connect. encourage. celebrate. 
But we still celebrate every day.

Celebrate every day,

July 31, 2018 by Kelly Northcott