She's Kind of a Big Deal

When you're a little fish in a big pond, you will get overlooked. And no matter what size fish you are or how big the body of water is, it is difficult to have your family see you as a business woman.

Most direct sellers are working their businesses as side gigs, and most of their days are spent in their primary roles as career women, moms, wives, volunteers, etc. They aren't bringing in the big bucks (yet), and the time they are working their businesses probably used to be the time they spent with their support systems. 

Getting coffee with friends, watching TV, making home-cooked meals and volunteering at every school event is being replaced with training calls, parties, networking, marketing activities and growing a team. And although not all coffee dates are refused and not every meal is from a box, their support systems might feel neglected.

Less than 10% of the field for any direct sales company will get public recognition from the home office. Which means that more than 90% of the field aren't showing up in company newsletters, hobnobbing with  big wigs on incentive trips, walking across stage at conferences or driving free cars. And when someone is new to her business or working hard to promote to leadership, the top performers' numbers aren't a fair comparison or accurate measure of her success.

Sometimes the consultant is stuck in the middle between her passion and her family. No matter how big she wants to build her business, the support of her family is important for her success. And it's hard for them to see the big picture when they are eating mac and cheese again and looking at numbers that seem unreachable.

But a carefully placed handwritten note can help put things into perspective. Her husband could come across a note casually left on the counter and read your words of praise for everything she's accomplished. You also write how proud you are and appreciate everything she brings to the team. And you close (or maybe you write several notes because this one could get long) with a sentence of how strongly you believe her perseverance will payoff.

Perhaps he will see her as more than a wife/mom/career woman/volunteer. Perhaps he will realize that she's kind of a big deal.

Celebrate every day,

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