She Shines Brightest When She Surrounds Herself with Sparkly Friends - How to Use

Wearing a sequined top gets her noticed. If she and a few friends are decked out in glitter, they become a traffic hazard, blinding motorists with their brilliance. When a gaggle of them cover themselves in bling, they can be spotted from the space station. She shines brightest when she surrounds herself with sparkly friends.

The story on the back of Shine Brightly is so true. Studies have shown that we become similar to the 5 people we spend the most time with. So if you want to be dull, hang out with dull people. But if you want to shine, hang out with sparkly people. And when you do, your (and their) sparkliness will be amplified.

There are so many uses for this card. If you're planning a girls' weekend (or even a special night), you can use it as an invitation to the event or send it a few weeks before to get everyone psyched. You can even extend the good feelings you get when you're around your sparkly girls and send it afterwards.

You can do the same thing with your team for your company's conference. But you don't have to just send it to your team. Send it to your besties, pacing partners, sidelines and uplines (they like getting happy mail too).

This is a great card to send to potential recruits. Invite them to shine even brighter by joining your team. Use it as an invitation to an opportunity meeting or business chat and/or a thank you for coming. And did you know that you can recruit people into leadership? Send this card to someone who is a good candidate for an aspiring leadership, accountability or mastermind program. 

Here's an outline for a 3-sentence note to write inside:

  1. Invitation to event or program
  2. Why she should participate
  3. What the next step is

This could look like:

The aspiring leaders' program is starting soon, and I'd love for you to be part of it. Your business will benefit from the training, and the rest of the group would benefit from your enthusiasm. Let's chat soon and get you started.
Shine on,

You could also send this as an acknowledgement to someone who is super sparkly. Let her know that she has inspired you and you love to be around her.

Celebrate every day,

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