Write a thank you note to your business to help you goal set.

Before you start goal setting, you should begin with making a list of what you're grateful for in your business because everything starts with gratitude. And when you do this, you'll find that it is easier to set goals that you want to stick with. Here are some examples of things to get you started.


  • Your team and employees. You might not have an official staff or team, but you have people who have helped you like the kid who showed you tricks on social media. 
  • Your customers because without them you'd just have a hobby.
  • Your cheerleaders who keep you going when you feel like quitting.
  • Your upline/mentors/coaches who give you how-tos.


  • Money. Even if you didn't make as much as you wanted to, be grateful for the money you did make.
  • Knowledge. You learned a lot last year. Some of it was through mistakes and some of it was through classes and workshops. But in any case, your business is that much farther along because of it.
  • Connections. You've met people because of your business. You might not have met these people any other way.


  • Celebrations. Hopefully you've been celebrating the successes along the way. Cheers to a sale! A special treat for reaching a goal. A dance party for doing something scary and living to tell about it.
  • Expanding your comfort zone. You did some things for the first time, and because of that, your comfort zone is a little bit bigger.
  • Processes and Systems. You are much more efficient now.

Once you have your list, write your business a thank you letter for 2018. Thank it for the growth, the support the experiences, etc. You wouldn't have had any of those things without your business.

And then, and this is powerful, write a thank you letter to your business for 2019. Write it as if it is the end of 2019. Thank it for everything it has done for you. Be as specific as possible. Dream big. Partner with your business. Let it work for you.

Here is an example of what you can write:

Dear __________,

Thank you for our most successful year yet! Thank you for reaching our goal of earning $____ this year. And thank you for allowing me to travel to ___________ and experience ____________. 

I also want to thank you for introducing me to the following people. ___________ And for enabling me to learn how to __________________. 

Thank you for all the success and milestones such as _______________________. It has been a fantastic year, and I look forward to continuing to grow with you next year.

Celebrate every day,

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