Revert to Plan B
Companies close. Companies change. People switch jobs because they have to and because they want to.

There may come a time when you either want to or have to find a new gig, and you’re probably going to want to take everything you've built with you. Your clients and customers. Your team. Your network. 

I don’t know if a history of sending handwritten notes will cause them to follow you, but I bet if you’re someone who sends notes, you are probably doing a lot of other  things right. Your clients might not care what you sell, they just want to give YOU their money. Your team might not care what they sell; they just want to be lead by you. Your network might want to sell something else, and following you might be the reason they switch.

Note writing is good business practice. It keeps you top-of-mind and makes you stand out. It is also one of the most inviting ways you can intrude into someone's day. If you're a welcome intrusion, it will be easier for you to reach out to announce your new adventure even if you do it in a mass email. 

So, if you haven't made note-writing part of your regular business practice, you should start now because you never know when you'll have to revert to Plan B.

Celebrate every day,

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