Not all superheroes need a cape.

Capes are cool. They are majestic. They flutter and flow which is almost as good as sparkling and shining. If you're a superhero, it might be part of your required uniform. But capes don't hold any power.

Batman and Superman wear capes, but their capes aren't part of their powers. When they are walking around as Clark and Bruce, they leave their capes at home. Are they still superheros when they are dressed as the average man?

Wonder Woman and Spiderman don't wear capes, and who would deny their classification as superheroes? Little Red Riding Hood got her name from her cape, but I don't think I've ever seen her on a superhero list. I'm not sure she even attends Comic-Con.

When I wrote this card, I kept picturing a woman in a t-shirt and cropped khaki pants with a cape laying on the ground next to her. She wore the cape for a while, and maybe sporting it gave her more confidence at first. Maybe it even acted as a security blanket or a shield. But over time, it became a hindrance.  

She didn't have time to take it to the cleaners. It got caught up in everything. It was a production to drape it over the back of her seat to avoid wrinkles every time she got into her car. Eventually it just had to go.

And when she let it go, she realized she didn't need it at all. She was strong enough to handle anything that came her way. Her superpowers were within her - not on her. She was a superhero no matter what she wore.

You can wear a cape if you want to. And if you do, wear it gloriously. But if you don't want to, know that not all superheroes need a cape.

She used to wear the whole ensemble but stopped when it became too high maintenance. The mask made her hair frizz, the unitard gave her a wedgie and the cape kept getting caught in doors. Even though she doesn't dress the part, she still has her powers. Not all superheroes need a cape. (The back of Superhero from the She is . . . Collection.)

Celebrate every day,


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