In the midst of focusing on this new direct sales business, we sold our house. 

Before we moved across the country, I made a final trip to the outlet mall to buy every note card set they had. Literally, every one. I wasn't taking the chance that I couldn't get note cards in California, and I believed that those cards were magic. I even put a few sets in the car for the trip across country.

At the end of the year, my coaching contract ended, and I went back to working with just my team. The home office decided that it wasn't going to support the field with a dedicated coach, and as you imagine, the rest of the field started to fall apart and eventually the company closed its doors.

Several people left to go to other companies. I went to a jewelry company that told stories with its jewelry and wall art. Within a year, I promoted to leadership and earned the incentive trip. But I was missing the creative aspect of the business. The company was mature enough that it offered lots of training and support. I just needed to guide my team and do individual coaching.

Tucked into storage spaces throughout our new house, packed in the same boxes I used when I transformed the office/studio/warehouse into the princess suite, were My Heart Beats cards. I dug them out, and started opening the boxes. "Hello old friend" was the phrase that kept coming to my mind.

I relaunched the website and started to regroup and rethink. I had about 40 designs to help women celebrate every day, but how would direct sellers use them to grow their businesses? They needed something else. 

I started writing again. Telling stories about She, but putting her into the role of a direct seller. Pushing past fear. Getting out of her head. Pursuing her goals. Being a rock star. It's hard to illustrate those scenes, so I played around with chalkboard lettering. And soon, the first official collection of My Heart Beats was created. She is. . . 

Celebrate every day,


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