Let the Cards do the Talking

When I sent cards to my team and customers, they typically just had an image (usually stars) and/or a simple message (thanks, congrats) on the front. There was no story on the back. So everything that I wanted to convey to the recipient had to come from me.

This was easy when I was saying thank you, happy anniversary, hello, happy birthday and congratulations. Basically all the things the Happy Mail Collection covers. But it got a little more complicated when I was writing a note to someone who had just done something brave or needed a push to do something brave. Sometimes there wasn't enough room to say everything I wanted to say. 

One of the great things about My Heart Beats cards is that the sender doesn't have to come up with the whole message by herself. She can let the story on the back, the words on the front and the heartbeat speak. Her heart can be poured into the card without feeling weird or sappy or fake. She can nudge someone without feeling pushy.

For example, sometimes you  see something in someone that she doesn't see in herself. You know she can do it. She just has to try. Maybe you don't have the relationship with her to say those words. But if you sent her a card and let the card say those words, you can simply write, "I'm here to help you with whatever you need."

And there are times when someone would benefit from being redirected. She's in a negative loop or headed down the wrong path or just needs a shove. The What if . . . Collection is perfect for this. This collection is all about introducing someone to the possibility of what if? They are conversation starters.

And it's okay if the story doesn't fit the situation exactly. Most of the stories are hyperboles so that they don't fit exactly. Use them as illustrations.

Celebrate every day,

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