How to turn any card into a Valentine's Day card to send to your direct sales team.

Did you know that you can send a card as a Valentine card and it doesn't have to have the words "Valentine's Day" on the front? Practically any card can be a Valentine's Day card. All you have to do is write "Happy Valentine's Day" or "Be mine" or "I love you" as the message.

This is great news if you are thrifty and like to get the biggest bang for your buck.You can buy cards because you love the cards and then use them for anything. The cards won't expire or go out of season. You can buy the card for the person and not for the occasion. 

If you want to send a card to someone who is badass, send her a card that celebrates her badassity and Valentine's Day. If you want to let her know that you believe in her, send her a card from the She is . . . Collection and write "Happy Galentine's Day" in it.

This is equally good news if you're like a lot of people and find that the holiday creeps up on you. You want to send Valentines and Galentines to your team, your kids and your friends, but the day is here before you realize it. By the time everyone gets her card, it's a February 20, and although the message you write is sincere and heartfelt, it is still late.

But if she receives a card on February 20 that is full of love and admiration, and it doesn't say "Happy Valentine's Day" on the front of it, it isn't late. It's right on time. If you're sending a card that isn't going to arrive on or before Valentine's Day, don't write "Happy Valentines's Day in it. Just write everything else you want to say. 

This same concept applies to all holidays. You can send cards any time of the year that celebrate the meaning of a specific holiday. You can send cards that are joyful and full of cheer in July. You can send cards that are full of thanks and gratitude in March. You can send a card of appreciation to your mom in September.

Here are prompts that you can use to write a message in your non-holiday holiday cards all year long:

  • Things you love about her.
  • A compliment.
  • A favorite memory of her.
  • An inside joke.
  • An invitation.
  • A thank you.
  • A wish for her.

I gave examples in this post of how this looks in action.

As always, contact me if you need help.

Celebrate every day,

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