Courage whispers. Learn how to give someone courage.

Everyone has a little voice in her head that gives her confidence and courage. The problem is that it is often difficult to hear that voice, but you can help that quiet voice be heard.

The thoughts in your head are like a band. Not a good band. More like an elementary concert band or a newly-formed garage band. They compete with each other rather than compliment and harmonize. Each wants to be heard. Each would rather be a soloist. 

Your brain can only think one thought at a time. The voices in your head are constantly putting on a concert. Each one is vying for its solo. Regret, Disappointment, Failure and Doubt are like the loud, obnoxious rockers who just scream and call it art. Courage is the sweet but strong voice. It's the Karen Carpenter of the group.

It's hard to focus in on Courage's voice, but I believe it is constantly singing. If it wasn't, I'm not sure we'd be able to drive on a freeway, try anything new or even eat fast food. It tells us that we can do it. We won't die. 

I'm not sure if you can make Courage's voice louder, but you can listen for it more often. Pause before a big decision or a big step. Search for her voice. It's there. The more you do it, the more you'll hear it.

You can help someone else hear Courage's voice  above the rest of the noise by mimicking what Courage says. "You can do it." "You got this." "You've done it before." "I believe in you." "Let's start with the first step." Statements like these can't be one-hit-wonders. They have to be played on repeat to cancel out everything else. 

Use Courage's words often. Speak them. Text them. Write them. Sing them. Eventually they will be heard even though Courage whispers.

One day the voices inside her head got together and formed a rock band. Regret is on lead vocals and keyboard. Failure strums guitar. Fear pounds the drums while Doubt plays bass. They all take turns drowning each other out on vocals while Courage stands off to the side with a tambourine and appears to lip sync. But when she listens carefully, she realizes that Courage isn't silent. Courage whispers. (from the back of Courage from the She is . . . Collection)

Celebrate every day,

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