She is officially calling dibs on a big piece of success. How to claim success.

You have to reserve success ahead of time. The best way to do this is to define what success looks like. Setting a goal does this. When your goal is achieved, you are successful.

If you don't feel successful, it might be because you haven't staked your claim on success by knowing that it looks like for you. You might be comparing yourself to other people. Or your timeline for your goal isn't long enough.

Things that are coveted and valuable are often reserved and planned. There are lots of vacation choices, but if you want to go on a particular cruise during a definite week, you have to reserve it. You'll probably even start planning out the details of the trip, what you'll pack and how you'll pay for it shortly after you reserve it.

Likewise, things that are mediocre don't need to be claimed because they are easily obtained. You can eat at any fast food joint whenever you want to, but if you want a meal at a Michelin Star restaurant, you have to book it months in advance to get a seat.

The more important the goal, the more specific the claim should be. If you want to have a successful business, you have to define what that means. Is it determined by how much money you'll make? If so, you'll need an exact number because "a lot" isn't measurable. 

Once you determine how much "a lot" is, you have to set a timeline. The timeline should be based on where you are starting and the resources you have to complete it. Someone who has been consistently working her business, has a good foundation and has available hours and help will have a much shorter timeline for the same goal than someone who has a new side hustle.

Make next year different. Get first dibs on everything you want. Don't settle.

Here are two simple steps to do that.

  1. Define success by setting a specific goal.
  2. Determine the timeline for success by assessing where you are starting and what you have to work with.

She isn't going to let it happen again. Being stuck in the way back on road trips because she always forgets to call shotgun is bad enough. Even worse is missing out on the last cupcake because someone licked it first. And although she is pretty sure there is enough to go around, she is officially calling dibs on a big piece of success. (The story on the back of the card Dibs.)

Celebrate every day,

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