How Do You Know Which Party Guests Get a Thank You Note?

Q: How do you know which party guests get a thank you?
A: The ones who are breathing.

It seems obvious that consultants in direct sales should send a thank you note to the party guests who purchase at the party. Of course they deserve a few heartfelt sentences of appreciation. They just gave you money.

But what about the ones who didn't buy? What did they do to deserve your written thanks? Well, they gave up something to attend. Maybe it was their favorite TV show or maybe it was a chore that is going to be neglected (because heaven knows that no one else is going to see the dishes piled in the sink). 

Maybe she didn't buy because she is an investigator. She gathered all the information you provided, and she plans to research the product, the company and the consultant (that's you in this scenario). But first she has to tackle the mountain of dishes that grew while she was at your party. And then life happens, she forgets about the party, the party closes and she never gets the things on her wish list.

But if you send everyone who is breathing a note, it will serve as a reminder. She'll get it a few days after the party occurred, she'll read it over an empty sink and have time to place her order before the party closes. She'll get her treasures, the hostess will get her goodies and you'll get new customers, sales and maybe even a free trip.

You can collect mailing addresses at a physical party by giving everyone an order form and asking them to fill out the top. They can use the order form as a wish list. You collect the part you usually do so that you have their addresses and so that you can let them know if anything on their wish list is on sale or retiring. You can also print out drawing slips. Have everyone complete the slip, and draw for something fun at the end of the party. If you're doing an online event, you can set up a Google form and have everyone complete that for a drawing. 

The day after the party, write out your thank you notes for purchasing and for attending. Let them know you were happy to meet them and that you'd love to serve them. You will make an impact on them because while it seems obvious that a consultant should write a thank you note to everyone who purchased, many (if not most) do not.

Celebrate every day,

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