She is a rock star. How do you know who is a rock star on your direct sales team?

Who doesn't want to be a Rock Star? Even if you don't want to be one in the literal sense, I bet you wouldn't be offended if someone called you one. Rock Star. The words even sound strong, bold and commanding.

No one can self-declare the title Rock Star. The title, literal or figurative, is earned. Doctors earn their titles by taking a lot of classes, but there isn't a course series for rock stars. Queens are born or married into their titles, but spouses of rock stars still have to earn theirs in their own right.

Rock Stars act like rock stars before they become rock stars. They work hard at being proficient in their craft. They push the boundaries of their field by learning and taking chances. They lead others and mentor and teach. They are confident and give themselves the gift of taking chances. They have great passion for what they do.

Who are the Rock Stars on your team? Who is showing up to learn? Who is working boldly towards goals and taking chances while she is learning? Who is mentoring others? Who has a passion for the product, the mission and/or the opportunity?

You get to pronounce these teammates Rock Stars. You don't have to have a special ceremony to do it. You just have to recognize what they've grown into. "Hey Rock Star!" is how you can answer the phone the next time one calls. "You got this Rock Star" is how you can send her off on to her next challenge.

And of course, you can send her this card. In it write something like this:

You are a rock star! You've taken chances, accepted challenges and grown. I love seeing you shine in the spotlight!
Cheering for you

Let her know that she is a rock star.

Although she looks fabulous in a crown, being a queen doesn't quite suit her. It's hard to believe that goddesses have a much fun as she does. She works too hard to be considered a diva. That leaves only one title worthy of her passion and boldness. She is a rock star. (The back of Rock Star from the She is Collection.)

Celebrate every day,

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