When you lead with your favorite products in your direct sales business, you'll find it easier to sell everything.

Giveaway - Day 5 of 14 Days of Loving Your Business

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
I have a favorite thing
That I love about you.

It's okay to play favorites when you're talking about the products that you sell in your direct sales business. Love those products so much that you don't care what other people think about them. And when you have this deep affection for them, it will be easy to talk about them. To sell them. 

When you do a party or put up a display, lead with the products you love. Your excitement for them will shine. It will give your customers confidence that you're knowledgeable about the whole product line and enthusiastic about the company even if your favorite products aren't their cup of tea. If they don't share your feelings about them, that's fine. You know they are the best things ever created. 

And when you present with passion, it will make your customers curious about what else you have to offer. They'll ask questions and engage with you. And through those conversations, they may find something that they think is the best thing ever created, or at least good enough to order for themselves. And if they don't, your commitment to your favorites will make their decision to pass inconsequential to you. You won't take it personally.

How do you fall in love with a thing? The same way you fall in love with a person. You spend time with it. You get to know it. You have fun with it. And the more you love your products, the more you'll love your business. The more you love your business, the more your business will grow.

And the good news about falling in love with a thing, is that it doesn't know or care when something else takes its place. Your list of favorites can be fluid. It can change with each catalog release, each season, each week. 

Celebrate every day,


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