A pacing partner will benefit your direct sales business

Day 4

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
Business is more fun
When I do it with you.

Your business will benefit from your having a pacing partner. She is someone who works her business at the same level/pace that you do. She is your accountability partner, your cheerleader and sometimes your coach. You can bounce ideas off each other, give each other pep talks and occasionally commiserate. 

You don't have to have the same title or the same goals, but it helps because you will have similar experiences. The only thing you can't do is profit from each other. So she can't be your upline or downline.

You can have a pacing partner for a specific time period or have one indefinitely. Maybe you want to pace with someone who is working towards the same title promotion as you or maybe you are both working to earn an incentive trip. It can also be someone you have a lot in common with and just work well together.

When you're setting up your pacing partner relationship, schedule weekly check-in times. During these times you can share goals, challenge each other, swap ideas, etc. The most important thing is to hold each other accountable with grace. 

I've had several pacing partners in the past. I even had one who didn't know she was my pacing partner. She was regularly recognized in my upline's newsletter, and so I knew what her numbers were. My goal was to match her numbers. I told my upline about this one-sided partnership, and she started giving me more specifics about her numbers like how many shows she had scheduled and how many recruiting interviews she did. It wasn't as fun as my other pacing partner relationships, but it worked. We both promoted to Director the same month.

Your team will also benefit from your having a pacing partner. You can do group trainings and friendly competitions. They'll get to know each other and maybe they'll find pacing partners. And you're modeling abundance mentality for your team. They know you aren't profiting from your partner's success, but you're still celebrating it.

Invite someone to be your pacing partner and watch both of your businesses grow.

Celebrate every day,

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