Stop and smell the rose greeting card. A reminder to take a break every now and then.

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
Sometimes I need
To step away from you.

Happy Valentine's Day! Today is the last day of our 14 Days of Loving Your Business. Over the last two weeks you got to:

  • remember why you started your business
  • celebrate the people whom you met through your business
  • create a space for your business
  • celebrate or find a pacing partner
  • pick your favorite product
  • expand your comfort zone
  • count the perks of your business
  • make plans to go to conference
  • celebrate your accomplishments
  • thank your support system
  • get started earning your incentive trip
  • set goals
  • realize that you get to do stuff you wouldn't have gotten to do without your business

So today, even just for a little bit, take some time off. Your business is totally co-dependent on you, but you can set some boundaries. You are everything to your business, but your business isn't everything to you. It will be okay if you take a break. I'm not saying break-up with it. I'm not even suggesting you see other people (start a new business). I'm telling you to give yourself some space.

Periodic breaks will prevent burnout. It will refresh you. It will give you a different perspective and fresh ideas. 

You can go out to lunch with your business besties, but don't talk about business. You can play with your products for the joy of playing with them. You can spend time on Pinterest pinning outfits and excursions for the incentive trip.

Or you can close your office door, shut down your email, get off social media and do things totally unrelated to your business. Hang out with people who won't even bring up your business in conversation. You can even take a nap. You deserve it. 

Celebrate every day,

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