Earn your direct sales company's incentive trip.

Day 11 of 14 Days of Loving Your Business.

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Hopefully your company has an incentive trip for you to earn. It might seem like an impossible goal, but if you work towards it, your business will grow. The activities that you need to do to earn the trip are all business-building activities. The good news is that if you don't earn this year's trip, your business will be in a much better position when you start working towards next year's trip. And the really good news is that once you earn a trip, it is much easier to earn more trips.

Earning your first trip is possible by increasing your party schedule. The more parties you do, the more people you'll meet. These new people will introduce you to more new people. You'll have a new base of customers, hostesses and potential recruits. 

At the beginning of your trip's incentive period, focus on increasing your party schedule. Go through your list of contacts and offer to do a party for them. I know this is not your favorite activity, but you only have to do it one time because each party you're going to focus on a business-building skill.

The first business-building skill you should focus on is booking parties from parties so that you always have a full calendar. Once you have that down, focus on identifying potential recruits. If you're new to recruiting, use the company's tools like opportunity calls and regional events to help you. Or ask your leader to do interviews with you.

Follow-up is a practice that will always serve you well. Write thank you notes to everyone who came to the party. Here's an article to help you with that. Put everyone on a schedule for when you're going to touch base with her again. Your sales will naturally increase from your party schedule and from your heightened customer service.

Keep plugging along, and your business will become an incentive-trip-winning business.

Celebrate every day,

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