Confidence is always a perfect fit.

When I was in junior high, I took home economics. Half of the year we learned how to cook, and the other half of the year we learned how to sew. Everyone made a simple smock top. The pattern was basically a rectangle with short, boxy sleeves. We could pick our own fabric, but even a Lily Pulitzer fabric wasn't going to make this top cute. One-style-fit-all.

So on the day that we all had to wear our projects, I wore it. I wore it the one obligatory time, but I never wore it again. I didn't like it. I didn't feel good in it. I didn't look good in it.

That day I walked the halls of my junior high feeling blah.  If dry shampoo was a thing back then, it would have been a dry-shampoo day. I took comfort in the fact that every other girl in my class, at least the ones who followed directions, also felt blah. Until I realized that not everyone was acting appropriately blah.

Some girls actually seemed to be rocking their smocks. Their smocks weren't sewn better than mine. I got an "A" on mine. I ripped out that top stitching around the yoke a gazillion times before it was exactly a presser foot distance all the way around it. Their smocks weren't made from better material than mine. I liked the material I choose. So what was the difference?

Looking back, I think the difference was they wore their smocks with confidence. Maybe they were proud of their accomplishment and what they learned along the way. Maybe they thought they looked good in it. Maybe confidence was something they always wore and it was amplified when our clothes were uniform.

Each of those girls who rocked her smock knew something I didn't know back then. Each of them knew how to own her style, and it turned out confidence fit her perfectly.

She noticed other people seem to wear it effortlessly. At first she thought they were probably the same people who could put on a pair of skinny jeans without it being a workout. But then she realized that those who wore it well were all shapes and sizes, so she decided she would try it on too. Turned out confidence fit her perfectly. (the back of Perfect Fit from the She is . . . Collection)

Celebrate every day,


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