How to make a celebration scale. She filled her glass to the top because she had lots to celebrate.

Celebrate everything. And when you celebrate with champagne, fill up your glass to match the victory or milestone. Get a bigger glass if you need to. 

Every year I get together with a group of girlfriends. Most of us have known each other since elementary school. We only get to see each other once a year, and in between visits, we keep up with the important stuff through a Facebook group. When we get together, we reminisce. We cry. We laugh. We karaoke. We solve world problems. But mostly we celebrate.

A few years ago was a milestone birthday year, and we threw ourselves a party on our weekend trip. We had a cake with candles, a birthday banner and some champagne. We toasted each other often, and when it was time for another toast, my friend Heidi held out her half-full glass and said, "more champs please." And that one sentence inspired this card and changed the way I celebrate.

I hope you have so much to celebrate that your glass is always full. 

The story on the back of the She is . . . Celebration Scale card.

As the bubbly was being poured for toasts, she noticed that some people took just a splash while others opted for half a glass. And it occurred to her that the champagne flute is a celebration scale. So when it came time to clink, she filled her glass to the top because she had lots to celebrate.

Celebrate every day,

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