Bottle Labels for Christmas

My Heart Beats Wine About It bottle labels turn your bottles into greeting cards. We have a whole line for Christmas, and you can use them on practically any beverage: wine, beer, liquor, soda and water. They are permanent and waterproof. 

You can put them over the existing label or remove the label by soaking it in cool water (you don't want to use warm water because it might damage the beverage). If the beverage is cheap, put it over the front label and no one will know. If it is expensive, put it over the back label so that everyone will know.

Here are some fun uses for the Wine About It labels:

1. Gift wrap
The recipient can uncork it instead of tearing open paper. 

2. Greeting card
Say Merry Christmas with a bottle. The recipient can put it in her refrigerator rather than on it.

3. Holiday decor
Put a couple of bottles as a centerpiece on your table or in a bucket on the bar.

4. Last minute gifts
It's a good idea to have a stack of Wine About It labels on hand so that you are always prepared for the last minute gift or have a nice presentation for a hostess gift.

5. Bottle identification
If you're going to a BYOB holiday celebration, put a label on your bottle so that you can easily identify it. More importantly, so that a cheapskate doesn't "accidentally" mistake yours for his.

Use all three of the Jingle Bells series when you do a holiday wine pairing dinner. Start with Making Spirits Bright, move on to Oh What Fun for the main course and finish off with Jingle All the Way.

Give the This is All I Got You for Christmas to the hard-to-shop-for person. And use the Vintage Merry Christmas for the traditionalist. 

Don't forget that when you order them, you save money when you build your own bundle and get any six labels.

Celebrate every day,

My Heart Beats WIne About It bottle label This is All I Got You for Christmas My Heart Beats Wine About It bottle label Vintage Merry Christmas

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