Ten People to Thank in Your Direct Sales Business.

Sending thank you notes is an excellent cornerstone habit for your direct sales business. Once you make it part of your business routine, it will become part of your brand. And don't you want your brand to be known for excellence? Here is a list of people you can send thank you notes to in your business.

1. Customers
Thank them for their purchase. If you keep inventory, you can tuck the note into their order. If the order is shipped from your company's warehouse, send it the day the order is placed.

2. Party Guests
All party guests should get a thank you note whether or not they purchased anything. If they did purchase, thank them for their attendance and for their purchase. If they didn't, thank them for their attendance. It shows off your professionalism, and if you send it the day after the party, it is a gentle reminder that they attended a shopping event and there is probably still time to order.

3. Hostesses
Thank them for their time, for introducing you to their friends and for the opportunity for you to do your job (don't say it like that though). Here are sample thank you notes you can send to hostesses.

4. Referrals
Thank them for thinking of you and for trusting you. When someone sends business your way, either by giving out your information or by giving you her friends' information, she should be thanked because it means she likes and trusts you. When random people contact you or shop from you, you can say, "who can I thank for sending you my way?" And if you're going to say that, you actually have to thank the person.

5. Potential Recruits
Thank them for their time. Coffee dates, meeting guests and opportunity call listeners should get a thank you note. If you use thank you notes as a business-building tool, it probably won't be the first one they get from you. And if they are shopping for a company or an upline, you'll move to the top of the list because they will know that you are thoughtful, caring and have your act together.

6. Networkers and Connections
While this isn't technically a thank you note, I included it on this list because you should treat it like you do a thank you note. You should send it out shortly after you meet the person, make it about the person and not ask for anything from them. 

7. Uplines
Thank them for their support. If your upline is supportive, thank her. Yes it is in her best interest for you to do well and she does profit from your efforts, but you profit from your customers' purchases and you don't think it is weird to thank them. If your upline isn't supportive, don't fake it. Just don't send her one. 

8. Anyone Who Helped You
Thank them for their help. This list could include the hostess' daughter who entertained the kids at her party, the neighbor who rescued your UPS delivery from the porch when it rained unexpectedly and the Staples guy who helped you figure out the cheapest way to mail surprises to your team. They might not be customers, and you might not profit directly from them, but I bet they will remember that you were appreciative of what they did, and that's probably the kind of person they want to refer to their friends.

9. Your Peers, Home Office Staff and Trainers
Thank them for their support. Your peers will probably become your best friends in your business. You don't profit from each other, but your relationship does help you make money. If they quit, ugh. Make it hard for them to quit. The Home Office Staff is often overlooked, but you wouldn't have a business without them. Thank the consultant service rep who helped you straighten out an order that a customer (or you) screwed up. Thank the field development manager who trained you. Thank the breakout speaker for her speech that was exactly what you needed to hear. 

10. Your Business
Thank it for everything. Treat your business like a business partner. Thank it for the money, the experiences, the knowledge and the stuff it gives you. Here are some ideas for how to do this.

Thank you notes are part of your professional brand. You can't overuse them.

Celebrate every day,

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