How to Celebrate Goals

How to Celebrate Goals

Set your goal. Plan. Redesign your plan. Overcome obstacles. Figure it out. Do it. Celebrate.

Every goal is accomplished the same way. Every goal will have obstacles and setbacks. Every plan will need to be adjusted. Every achieved goal needs to be celebrated. I think people skip the celebration too often, and I wonder if the celebration was planned when the goal was set, if more goals would be achieved.

The celebration doesn't need to be a big grandiose thing. Getting caught up on your laundry doesn't mean you have to throw yourself a party, but now that your clothes aren't all over the floor, there might be room for dancing. So your celebration might be a quick dance party or it might be getting to wear your favorite shirt again.

You can, and you should, plan your own celebration. When you plan the reward at the end of the goal, it gives you something to reach for when you have to regroup. The celebration puts punctuation on the goal. You can move on to the next one with more confidence and with a better formula for what works.

You can, and you should, celebrate someone else's achievements. The celebration level can match the size of the goal. Say "woo hoo" for someone's empty laundry bin. Write "woo hoo" in a handwritten note for a promotion or anniversary. Clink glasses for a milestone achievement.

Celebrate in layers. Start with the spoken word, and then add the written word for a bigger goal. Add a gift or an event for the next goal level. And never underestimate the power of cake.

When I was a leader. we used to have cake for every promotion at our team meetings.The person promoting got to pick the flavor and take home the leftovers. The more often we did it, the less leftovers there were because some people came because they knew there would be cake. I didn't care if that's why they came. I was going to feed them with training while they were there.

The story on the back of Did It from the She is . . . Collection

She set her goal, mapped out her strategy and planned a victory celebration which may or may not include cake. At first, everything was going so smoothly she was afraid she might reach her goal before she made a decision about cake. But eventually the setbacks came, and after working through them, cake was a definite. In fact, sometimes the only reason she didn't quit was because cake was at stake. When the day finally came that she reached her goal, she celebrated with a cake that said "she did it." 

Celebrate every day,

Bottle Labels for Christmas

Bottle Labels for Christmas

My Heart Beats Wine About It bottle labels turn your bottles into greeting cards. We have a whole line for Christmas, and you can use them on practically any beverage: wine, beer, liquor, soda and water. They are permanent and waterproof. 

You can put them over the existing label or remove the label by soaking it in cool water (you don't want to use warm water because it might damage the beverage). If the beverage is cheap, put it over the front label and no one will know. If it is expensive, put it over the back label so that everyone will know.

Here are some fun uses for the Wine About It labels:

1. Gift wrap
The recipient can uncork it instead of tearing open paper. 

2. Greeting card
Say Merry Christmas with a bottle. The recipient can put it in her refrigerator rather than on it.

3. Holiday decor
Put a couple of bottles as a centerpiece on your table or in a bucket on the bar.

4. Last minute gifts
It's a good idea to have a stack of Wine About It labels on hand so that you are always prepared for the last minute gift or have a nice presentation for a hostess gift.

5. Bottle identification
If you're going to a BYOB holiday celebration, put a label on your bottle so that you can easily identify it. More importantly, so that a cheapskate doesn't "accidentally" mistake yours for his.

Use all three of the Jingle Bells series when you do a holiday wine pairing dinner. Start with Making Spirits Bright, move on to Oh What Fun for the main course and finish off with Jingle All the Way.

Give the This is All I Got You for Christmas to the hard-to-shop-for person. And use the Vintage Merry Christmas for the traditionalist. 

Don't forget that when you order them, you save money when you build your own bundle and get any six labels.

Celebrate every day,

My Heart Beats WIne About It bottle label This is All I Got You for Christmas My Heart Beats Wine About It bottle label Vintage Merry Christmas

November 19, 2018 by Kelly Northcott
Holiday Greeting Cards for Direct Sellers

Holiday Greeting Cards for Direct Sellers

Did you know that My Heart Beats has holiday cards for your direct sales business?  The My Favorite Things Collection is perfect to wish everyone in your business a happy holiday.

When I was in direct sales, I sent out holiday cards to my customers and my team. These were different than the holiday cards I sent to my family and friends. Some years I made the cards with a stamp set or punches. Yes, it took forever. No, I didn't have time for that. But I wanted cards that were specific to my business, and no one made them. 

I could have ordered something from a photo center, but then I had to take a picture. And develop the film. And figure out which negative number identified the image I wanted printed. I also had to figure out what to take a picture of. Would my customers put a picture of me on their refrigerator? Would it be weird if they did?

Sometimes I went to Target and looked at their boxed cards. The cute ones weren't on sale until after Christmas. The ugly ones were the reason I thought it was a better idea to make my own. 

Maybe you're in the same boat. Maybe you need holiday cards for your direct sales business. This is one of the reasons why I created the My Favorite Things Collection. I wanted to offer a holiday card that was fun and cute and represented your business without being too businessy or formal. You know, like the kind you get from your bank. 

The best thing about the My Favorite Things Collection is that they can be used all year. You can use them for Christmas or birthdays or thank yous or hellos.They each have an image on the front and a parody of the My Favorite Things song on the back. The folded cards are blank inside for you to write something like, "Happy Holidays! I hope they are filled with your favorite things." The flat cards have enough room on the back for your to write, "Merry Christmas" and sign your name.

Celebrate every day,

November 19, 2018 by Kelly Northcott
More Ideas to Display Your Advent Calendar Kit: Classic Cocktails

More Ideas to Display Your Advent Calendar Kit: Classic Cocktails

I gave you 6 ideas of how to display your Advent Calendar Kit: Classic Cocktails in this post. Here are more ideas of ways you can display it and decorate your home.

My Heart Beats Advent Calendar Kit: Classic Cocktails My Heart Beats Advent Calendar Kit: Classic Cocktails







On a Mantel

You can use ribbon, rope or twine. Attach the it with Command hooks or thumbtacks. If you're adding mini bottles to the bags, you might want to secure it in the middle too. Make two rows for a casual look or line them up evenly for a more classic look. We mixed up the numbers so that as bags are removed, everything is still evenly spaced rather than have one side be bare halfway through the month.

My Heart Beats Advent Calendar Kit: Classic Cocktails

On the Stairs

Take ribbon and loop it around the banister. Tie it at the bottom and the top to secure it. Our banister is double-sided so we alternated sides and put half of the bags on the outside and half on the stairs side. If your banister is attached to the wall, loop the ribbon 25 times so that you have a loop for each bag.

My Heart Beats Advent Calendar Kit: Classic Cocktails

Around a Doorway

You might not have a mantel or stairs, but I bet you have a doorway. We put a piece of ribbon around the molding of the doorway and tacked it in the corners. We didn't have clear thumbtacks, and we were too cheap and lazy to buy them, so we just tied little bows over them to hide them. If you don't have ribbon or clothespins, you can just tape the bags to the doorway.

My Heart Beats Advent Calendar Kit: Classic Cocktails.

In a Beverage Tub

This is a fun way to gift the Advent Calendar Kit: Classic Cocktails. You can add the coasters to the bags and fill up a cooler or a beverage tub. If you have extra room in the tub (and your budget), throw in bottles of gin, vodka, bourbon, tequila and rum (don't forget that the kit comes with a complete shopping list).

Check out our Instagram for more ideas.

Celebrate every day,


November 12, 2018 by Kelly Northcott
Fun and Easy Ideas to Display the My Heart Beasts Advent Calendar Kit: Classic Cocktails.

Fun & Easy Ideas to Display Your Advent Calendar Kit: Classic Cocktails

My Heart Beats Advent Calendar Kit: Classic Cocktails is the most you'll have counting down the days to Christmas.The kit includes 25 classic cocktail recipes printed on paper coasters, 25 paper bags, 25 number stickers and a shopping list of the ingredients to make all of the recipes. 

Once you get your kit, you can gift it as is or put it together to enjoy for yourself. If you put it together, you can either simply pop a coaster in each bag or add a mini liquor bottle to the bag before sealing it with a number sticker. Then you can put it on display as you countdown the days until Christmas. 

Here are some ideas for how to display your calendar. 

My Heart Beats Advent Calendar Kit: Classic Cocktails can be easily displayed in a cardboard box.
A Cardboard Tray
1. You can line the bags up in a box or cardboard tray. Stores like Costco often have these at the checkout station. You can also use a soda case. Wrap it with wrapping paper or tie a big ribbon around it if you can't find a plain one.

My Heart Beats Advent Calendar Kit: Classic Cocktails can easily be displayed in a basket.

A Basket
2. You can pile them in a basket. Switch to a smaller basket halfway through the month as you empty it.

My Heart Beats Advent Calendar Kit: Classic Cocktails can be displayed on a door or a wall.

A Wall or a Door
3. If your front door is metal, it is magnetic. We used small magnets to put up this tree. You could also use tape or Command strips on a wall. Painters' tape comes in a festive green.

My Heart Beats Advent Calendar Kit: Classic Cocktails can easily be displayed on a door.

A Door
4. Another door idea is to take ribbon or string and wrap it around the door. Start above the top hinge to use it as an anchor. If you pick a closet door, you'll be able to easily hide the back.

My Heart Beats Advent Calendar Kit: Classic Cocktails can be displayed on a tree.

A Tree
5. Make an Advent tree. Hang the bags as ornaments on your tree. We put the bags on the tree randomly rather than in order so that as the month progresses, there won't be bare spots.

My Heart Beats Advent Calendar Kit: Classic Cocktails

Display Pieces
6. Use a tiered display for your calendar. It can be the centerpiece of your table or put it on your bar.

Celebrate every day,

November 12, 2018 by Kelly Northcott
The My Heart Beats Tailgate greeting card is the perfect card to use for an invitation or thank you for a tailgate or football game.

Tailgating is Her Favorite Sport

The My Heart Beats Tailgate greeting card celebrates the best part of football—the tailgater.

The story on the back:
Football is her favorite sport. She loves everything about it - the crisp fall air, the camaraderie of the fans and all the spirit wear. She even knows the player's name whose number is on her jersey. She tries to go to all the home games and has her routine down to a system - starting with getting to the stadium hours in advance so that she can stake out the best parking spot. She tries to out-do herself every weekend with her spread of food, and she can even time when to fire up the grill for the post-game festivities by the sounds coming from the stadium. When someone asked if she had season tickets, she realized that she has been going to the stadium parking lot for years but has yet to watch a game. In retrospect, tailgating is her favorite sport. 

The story behind the story:
My husband graduated in the Class of ’87 from the United States Naval Academy. We met in the summer of 1987 and went to every home Navy football game. Back then you could go in and out of the stadium as much as you wanted to, so we’d buy 2 tickets for our whole group to share and take turns watching the game. But the highlight for me was always the time tailgating in the parking lot.

We continued this tradition of just tailgating when we had kids. We’d pile the kids, activities for them, food and drinks into the car and park in the stadium parking lot for a fun afternoon. Eventually they limited parking to season ticket holders, so we broke down and got those. But before each game, we’d still tailgate.

Now that we live on the West Coast, we gave up our season tickets. We still go back for a game every year.


  1. Invitation to a tailgate party.
  2. Thank you for a tailgate party.
  3. Container for football tickets.
  4. Send to a mom of a football player.
  5. Send to a friend from college or high school.
  6. Send as a congratulations to a newly accepted student of a college with a football program.
  7. Invitation to Superbowl Sunday party.
  8. Thank you to a Superbowl Sunday party.
  9. Thank you to a team mom for all the work she did.
  10. Thank you to a coach.

Celebrate every day,

10 Uses for the My Heart Beats Tailgate greeting card. Use for an invitation, congratulations and thank you for tailgaters and football games.

October 19, 2018 by Kelly Northcott
Advent Calendar Kit: Classic Cocktails

Advent Calendar Kit: Classic Cocktails

My Heart Beats Advent Calendar Kit: Classic Cocktails. Put together an Advent calendar with 25 different cocktail recipes.

My Heart Beats is excited to announce the release of its first Advent Calendar. You will definitely get into the Christmas spirit as you use this Advent Calendar to countdown the days until December 25. 

We had a lot of fun creating this. All the recipes are tried and true. And believe me, we tried some of them over and over again. 

The Advent Calendar Kit: Classic Cocktails contains 25 different cocktail recipes printed on paper coasters. It also contains 25 paper bags and 25 numbered stickers, and it includes a shopping list of the ingredients required to make all of the recipes. 

You can make the calendar as simple or as elaborate as you like. Put a coaster into a bag and seal it with a sticker. Open a bag a day and make the recipe to toast the season. Add a mini liquor bottle into the bag so that you have a start on the ingredients. Or use the shopping list to stock your bar with everything you need so that you're all set.

Keep the coasters for future events or use them as party favors. In fact, you can get a set of the coasters without getting all of the Advent Calendar Kit. The coasters are printed on extra thick card stock.

There are five different gin, vodka, rum, bourbon and tequila recipes. Each drink uses only one liquor. They are simple and classic recipes that anyone can make. You probably have most of the ingredients to finish off the recipes in your pantry, and if not, they are all easy to find.


  • Gin and Tonic
  • Tom Collins
  • London Mule
  • French 75
  • Gimlet


  • Moscow Mule
  • Screwdriver
  • Salty Dog
  • Bay Breeze
  • Bloody Mary


  • Daiquiri
  • Cuba Libre
  • Rum Punch
  • Mojito
  • Caribbean Mule


  • Old Fashioned
  • Hot Toddy
  • Kentucky Mule
  • Mint Julep
  • Whiskey Sour


  • Mexican Mule
  • Skinny Margarita
  • Juan Collins
  • Tequila Sunset
  • Paloma

Celebrate every day,

October 16, 2018 by Kelly Northcott
My Favorite Things for Direct Sellers

My Favorite Things for Direct Sellers

"Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens," is the opening line of the song My Favorite Things. I can picture Julie Andrews running around the Von Trapp house singing the song. And now you, like me, probably have it going through your mind.

As a direct seller, I bet your favorite things include the products you sell. When I was in direct sales, my company released new products every month. And for a while, almost each one became my new favorite. 

When I was asked to make a card that was product-specific, I came up with the My Favorite Things Collection. Each card focuses on a popular product offered by one or more direct sales companies. I researched copyright laws and found out that I can do parodies. So there is parody about the products on the back and an illustration of them on the front.
And if you have the song running through your head now, imagine how I lived when I was writing the parodies. Sometimes I'd do it while I was walking the dog. I'd sing a line over and over until I got the right amount of syllables and then I'd list rhyming words. When I finally got it, I'd repeat it until I got home to write it down. It took me several cards in to come up with the idea of texting it to myself in the middle of the walk.
As of now, there are 16 different cards that represent:

  • fashion - jewelry, clothes, accessories, bags
  • beauty - cosmetics, make-up, skin care, hair care, nail polish
  • home - wickless candles, essential oils, pet supplies
  • kitchen - kitchenware, chocolate
  • hobbies - books, scrapbooks

Don't see a product you sell? Contact me.

Each design is available as a folded card with an envelope or as a set of two flat cards with envelopes or a set of four flat cards without envelopes.
Send these cards:

  • to your team for any reason you'd send a card.
  • as a thank you to a customer.
  • to a potential team member who is a product-enthusiast.
  • with a package.
  • to reconnect with someone who loves your products.
  • as holiday cards.
  • as birthday cards.
  • as invitations to a VIP event.

I introduced them in the weekly email that goes out on Tuesdays. If you're not on the email list, you might want to get on it because there are usually coupon codes in the emails. You can sign up by going to the website and scrolling to the bottom of the page. Add your email to the newsletter list. 

Celebrate every day,


September 04, 2018 by Kelly Northcott
The Ladder of Success is Best Climbed in Cute Shoes

The Ladder of Success is Best Climbed in Cute Shoes

She needed something sturdy and comfortable but also fabulous and stylish. At last she found the perfect pair for the job. She slid into them, stepped up on the first rung and started confidently on her way, knowing that the ladder of success is best climbed in cute shoes.

Here's the great thing about shoes . . . everyone looks good in them. You can't do anything about your size. You can change them up as often as want. You can't have too many. And even sensible shoes can be super cute. 

Send this card to:

  • a shoe lover
  • anyone in the fashion industry 
  • someone who is chasing a dream 
  • the woman who is going for a promotion
  • everyone who is reaching for a goal

Tell her:

  • she has what it takes
  • good luck
  • to keep going
  • that her goals are within reach
  • congratulations on how far she's come

And then take her shoe shopping for her next rung of success.

Celebrate every day,

August 21, 2018 by Kelly Northcott
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What Happens When You Leave Your Comfort Zone

What Happens When You Leave Your Comfort Zone

You have to leave your comfort zone to grow. Your comfort zone might be cozy and nice, but eventually it will get stale and boring. This greeting card from My Heart Beats will encourage someone to leave her comfort zone. 

When we lived in a rural area, we had a large backyard. It was bordered by a neighbor, woods and an open field. When we got our Labrador, we needed to figure out how to keep her contained. It would have been very expensive to put up a physical fence, so we went with the invisible fence option.

When the fence was installed, they her collar on her and had her walk across the fencing. She yelped, they put her back in the yard, and she never tried to cross it again. She loved to wander all over the yard and smell stuff. She'd chase a ball as many times as someone would throw it or until it was thrown beyond the fence. When deer strolled through the yard, she would run after them but always stopped short of the property line. 

Out of curiosity, I held her collar and walked across the fence. That system is no joke. I felt like I was going to have a heart attack. If I knew that pain was on the other side of my yard, I wouldn't leave it either.

But what my dog didn't know is that the pain is temporary. It only happened for a moment. The moment she crossed the line. The pain stopped as soon as she turned back OR as soon as she kept going. If she would have moved forward, she would have been able to experience wonderful smells of the open field. She probably would have found delicious treats under the neighbor's swing set. She may have even discovered the river on the other side of the woods and all the wonders that it holds for a Labrador.

The good news for you is that leaving your comfort zone probably won't require a heart-attack-inducing pain. Oh, there will be pain, but you won't die. And the even better news is that every time you leave, your comfort zone gets bigger and bigger and the pain gets smaller and smaller. You might have good stuff  in your backyard, but I promise you that you will discover a whole new world the more you venture out. 

The story on the back of the She is . . . Comfort Zone Card.

What used to feel cozy and familiar now felt stifling and dull. Yet each time she stepped beyond her boundaries, her heart pounded through her chest. At first it was from fear, but the more she ventured out, the more she realized the pounding was actually from the thrill of new adventures. Exciting things happen outside her comfort zone. 

Celebrate every day,

August 18, 2018 by Kelly Northcott